Want to write winning grant applications?

Have you ever written a cracker grant application for an excellent project only to discover it hasn't been successful?

Disappointing huh? Not only is this a waste of your time, it's likely your progress on your community project will also slow down.

While there are certainly some easy tips to improve your actual grant writing (which are shared in the course), believe it or not, successful applications aren't always about the words on the paper.

What? – You read correctly. In a highly competitive funding market a well written, what we call a 'good' application, isn't enough to get you over the line.

Your grant applications need to be great. It isn't rocket science, but there are some tricks that you need to learn. 

Great applications that win the $$ are 

  • strategic, aligned to the funding criteria, 
  • clearly demonstrate demand, 
  • have a vocal cheer squad 
  • and demonstrate value for money.

If you think the course is only about writing the grant, think again - I want you to write GREAT grant applications.

Hear from your course teacher and Community Practitioner Academy Founder, Kerry Grace HERE


The Grant Writing 101 e-course includes the following bonus items:

  • Iteractive grant writing e-book

    $18.95 value

    The grant writing e-book provides you with bonus content and a handy journal to apply your course lessons.

  • Online support group

    Free access to the members only Community Practitioner Academy Members Group providing you with opportunities to ask for support 24/7. Through the member's group you will also have the opportunity to network with many like minded people.

  • E-support (6months)

    Value $650

    Stuck? Email the Community Practitioner Academy any time for support with your grant applications. Professional grant writers are online waiting for your questions. While we don't write grant applications we are online and ready to support you. All questions are responded to within 72hrs.

Course contents

Grant writing 101 is a self-paced, online course. There are no assignments or tests and your bonus support network is waiting to assist you. Through the course you'll learn how to:

  • find grant opportunities

  • put together a funding toolkit (to save you time)

  • write impactful grant applications

  • define your grant concept

  • engage a broad range of stakeholders

  • access data to support your application

  • and more

Your investment

The biggest investment is your time and willingness to learn new skills. In exchange you'll save thousands in grant writers and lost applications.


Kerry Grace, Community Practitioner Academy Founder

Kerry Grace

Director and Founder, Evolve Group Network

Kerry has over 20 years experience in the NFP sector as a service Manager, Regional Director, consultant and trainer. During this time she's undertaken projects in community engagement, strategic and business planning, team building and organisational restructuring. Kerry is a highly successful grant writer and has had results across social and business funding.